• Media Engine

  • Encode, store and stream video or audio from your own Azure Infrastructure.


Manage and transform

Multi-channel pipeline that orchestrates video and audio processing and incorporates cues into a single timeline

Built-in Workflow and developer-friendly Web Hook notification

Audio Transcription

Admin UI Web Application

Smooth Streaming

Experience seamless scalability with our streaming server, which is empowered by a Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure. Similar to other applications built on PaaS, it offers the flexibility to scale resources on demand, ensuring that you can adapt to changing requirements with ease.

No specific player required. Supports any player compatible with HLS and DASH formats.

Protect your content with your advanced features.



Migrate from AMS

Azure Media Service will retire at June 30, 2024. Plan your migration ASAP.

Keep your assets and infra in Azure

Migration Tool to help you move both media contents and metadata your application depends on

Professional Migration Service online or onsite